This page features nine websites that I made, all of which are currently active. They represent a variety of businesses, individuals and concepts on the World Wide Web, serving to enrich western society by providing valuable information on subjects ranging from Quickbooks instruction, to hot tub filter care, to the ebola virus.

The site of Andrew Stiles, a flycasting and flyfishing instructor in Richmond, VA.

The web presence for eControl, which offers various financial services. I designed the graphics, but all of the site's internals were created by Vaxicom. is the international authority on starforts and their historical significance: I know this because I own, operate and write ridiculous copy for it!

Spa Doc Service

Spa Doc is a mobile spa & hot tub service based in Manquin, VA.

The personal website of Garth Callaghan, technology czar of Richmond.

Michael Simon Angling Art

The web presence of internationally acclaimed angling artist Michael Simon.

Website of the Illbillys, a Richmond-based cover band of remarkable excellence.

Virginia Automotive

Web presence of a pair of auto repair shops in the Richmond area. Designed for Vaxicom.


A relatively pointless site that serves as a gateway to a couple of ebola-related sites I made for school, plus an equally brief and pointless song!